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A Brief History

In the school years of 1985-1986, the Pleasant Plains Panthers and the Floral Eagles consolidated to form a bigger and better school district. This new district came to be known as the Midland Mustangs. Though many were doubtful, the two small communities pulled together to form a more positive community. Slowly the Mustangs began to rise and the number of students began to grow.

Midland not only grew in numbers, as the years progressed, so did the academics. However, a lot of things have remained the same. A majority of the students who attend Midland High School today have parents that also attended the district. These students have many of the same values as their parents. Being so, the Midland student body shares a much closer relationship than many surrounding districts that have larger student bodies. At Midland, students and teachers know each other on a more personal level, providing a comfortable learning environment.

Though Midland's financial crisis of 2005-2006 was an unfortunate set-back, we fully intend to learn from our mistakes and persevere. Though mistakes were made, fingers will not be pointed and Midland will move forward, rather than dwell on the past. Our school was saved thanks to the wonderful efforts of the community and its surrounding areas. The fact that our community was able to rally together and raise over 400,000 dollars in a matter of months in an effort to keep Midland School District open is a testament to our close-knit community. Though Midland is a small district, often overlooked, its family atmosphere is enough reason to give it a closer look. We will continue to work together-students, teachers, parents and friends-and Midland will conquer all and continue to grow!

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Midland School District

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