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Apply for Financial Aid-Start Here!

Step 1:     Apply for Federal Student Aid.          Click here to get started.

Set up an account for the student at the FASFA  website (Free Application for Federal Student Aid).  Be sure to write down the log in ID and password you choose and the e-mail you use when setting up the account (I will not be able to retrieve it for you).   


Step 2:     Apply for State Student Aid.      Click here to get started

All Arkansas scholarships (the "Lottery" Scholarship, the Governor's Scholarship, Go Grant, etc.) are linked to and require an account on this site. 

Set up an account for the student at the YOUniversal Website and be sure to write down the login ID, password, and e-mail account that you use to register with (I will not be able to retrieve this information for you.)

Step 3:       Apply for scholarships at the college(s) of your choice.  Go to the College's website and look for a link for scholarships.  Not sure where you want to attend?  Apply at several colleges and the scholarships they offer.  Once you make a decision, any scholarships at colleges that you don't attend can be returned or rejected.  See which college will make you the best offer! 


Step 4:       Apply for private or local scholarships.  Click here to access those that I know about.