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Daily Schedule

PK-Ms. Jessica- Monday and Friday

PK-Ms. Cathy- Monday and Wednesday

PK-Ms. Meghan-Tuesday and Friday

K-Ms. Carma- Friday

K-Ms. Shelly-Monday

K-Ms. Lindsey-Tuesday

1st-Ms. Nowak-Friday

1st-Ms. Tara-Monday

2nd- Ms. Leasure-Tuesday

2nd-Ms. Norris-Wednesday

3rd-Ms Bell-Monday

3rd-Ms. Carpenter-Tuesday

4th-Ms. Martin-Thursday

4th-Ms. Addington-Wednesday

5th-Mr. Norris-Thursday

5th-Ms. Pratt-Friday

6th-Ms. Davidson-Tuesday

6th-Ms. Holly-Wednesday

Ms. Kim’s-Thursday