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Midland faculty and staff believe all students are intelligent, creative, and capable of growing and learning.  We envision our students having the ability to:


  • Recognize that curiosity, imagination and joy are invaluable to personal and learning progress.

  • Encourage perseverance, critical thinking, and self-advocacy.

  • Offer challenging and dynamic curricula.

  • Nurture the unique individual abilities of each student.

  • Provide meaningful and relevant opportunities that foster a love for learning.

  • Commit to help students become intellectually, physically, and emotionally fit.

  • Prepare our students to become global citizens in a diverse and changing world.


The Strategic Plan for Midland Schools is titled, "The Mustang Advantage." The Mustang Advantage consists of a district vision, mission, values and goals and focuses on a principle of S.P.I.R.I.T. (Service, Passion, Integrity, Respect, Innovation and Teamwork).


Service: BE part of something BIGGER than yourself!

Passion: NOW is the time to START living the life you’ve always imagined!

Integrity: DO the RIGHT thing…even when nobody's looking!

Respect: You are ALWAYS responsible for how you ACT, no matter how you feel!

Innovation: To LIVE a creative LIFE; we must LOSE our FEAR of being wrong!

Teamwork: WE RISE by lifting others!

Mustang SPIRIT--Mustang Pride--Mustang Proud!!!