Valentine's Day!

Payment Arrangements for Online Orders Must Be Finalized By Monday, February 13th

Valentine’s Day 2017

The Annual Staff will be selling Valentine helium balloons to be delivered on Tuesday, February 14th. The 18” balloons will be sold for $4.50 while the balloon set will be sold for $20.00.


18 Inch Balloons--$4.50

A--“Happy Valentine’s Day” (white balloon with red, pink, and purple triangle pattern)

B--“Happy Valentine’s Day” (red holographic balloon with large heart)

C—“Happy Valentine’s Day” (red balloon with a variety of yellow love emojis)

D—“It Is Your Destiny To Be Mine” (white “Star Wars” balloon with a black Darth Vader and red hearts)

E--“Love” (red striped balloon with black accents)


Balloon Set--$20.00

F—“Finding Dory and Nemo” (18” Finding Dory and Nemo heart-shaped balloon attached to a Ty 8” stuffed Nemo holding a box of “Finding Dory” gummies.)


Sale Item--$3.50

G--Assorted Valentine balloons (NO CHOICE on style, color, or message on balloon)




A 7-inch Valentine sack of candy ($1.50) can be added to your balloon order.  This item can be tied to your balloon order or ordered separately.

When ordering, please place your order form and the correct cash or check in a sealed envelope.  All money should be given to your teacher by Tuesday, February 7th.  All balloons are on display at the high school cafeteria and the elementary office and can be viewed at




Please fill out a separate order form for each order.


18 inch balloon type (pick A-E) ($4.50)_____          Balloon Set (F) ($20.00)___

Number of 18 inch balloons (A-E) ordered____        Number of balloon sets ordered___

Number of sale balloons ordered ($3.50)_____        Number of candy sacks ordered ___                                                                    


Ordered by--Name__________________Telephone #__________Teacher’s name__________


Delivered to--Name__________________________Teacher’s name____________________


Message on card____________________________________________________________

Amount of money enclosed____________



If my first choice of 18” balloon ($4.50) has sold out, please send one of my other ($4.50) choices.

Second choice______ Third choice_______